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Veterinary Examination

When you come to our veterinary hospital, you can expect all of our staff to ensure your and your pet’s well-being. You can talk to us about any pet health concerns and we will provide a clear diagnosis and provide the appropriate care for your pet.

What does a veterinary examination involve?

There are a number of reasons for an examination. It may be for general prevention, a health problem, medical follow-up or an emergency (open wound, ingestion of toxic foods or products, trouble breathing, etc.). The vet will do a complete or partial exam, depending on the situation, and may prescribe blood tests and other screenings before issuing their official diagnosis. Vaccinations and other preventative treatments (such as antiparasitic drugs) may also be recommended.

It’s difficult for me to bring my pet to you. What can I do?

If transportation is difficult for your pet due to motion sickness, we can prescribe a medication to calm them. The same goes for pets with high anxiety or stress. If your pet needs to get accustomed to their transportation crate, you can leave it in an area where your pet often goes, with the door open. Put their favourite treats, blankets and toys inside to familiarize them with it. For more advice, just call us! We are more than happy to help.

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